About Us

North Coast Emergency Services LLC : Incident Management Services. We are a licensed and Insured Incident Management Agency.
We provide Auxiliary Support for Police Officers and State Troopers throughout Northeast Ohio who have responded to motor vehicle crashes, vehicle & structure fires, roadway lane closures, and disabled vehicles as well as weather related incidents including power outages, traffic control and scene management. We do this by setting up a safety zone so these Officers & Troopers may perform the tasks at hand without fear of being struck by oncoming traffic, falling power lines, tree limbs, even hostile citizens that they may encounter during their tour of duty. Our working relationship with our local Law Enforcement partners not only benefits their agencies but the communities they service as a whole. (We are NOT a Security Service, We Provide NO Security Functions)
All of our Team members are “TIM” Certified (Provided by The Emergency Responder Safety Institute) Team members also are CPR & First Aid Certified (Provided by the American Health Care Academy), and most of our team members are licensed (ccw/chl) to carry firearms (as certified by ORC 2923.125).
Our Services are Twofold, The services we provide to our local Police Officers and State Troopers are at NO cost. We provide these services on a Volunteer basis, each team member has a normal full time job and they donate their time to NCES Ohio on their own time and at their own discretion.
The Roadside Assistance part of NCES Ohio is how the company was founded and provides for itself . Not all team members provide this service and those that do are subcontracted to provide those services. Again, we DO NOT provide ANY type of security services. Our services are similar to the State Farm Safety Patrol Trucks that you see on the highways. (they are an ODOT Contractor)
We may be a link to the Law Enforcement Agencies we work alongside, we are NOT Law Enforcement Officers and we are NOT Security Officers : For immediate assistance that requires Police Services please contact your local law enforcement by calling 911, or the Ohio State Highway Patrol at #677 from your mobile device!

If you find yourself ever in need of our services please feel free to contact our office.